Custom Bollards

Custom Bollards

– Dawn Enterprises, LLC manufactures a variety of concrete bollards. While we do offer several standard bollards, we are happy to accommodate any custom job as well. Our standard round bollards sizes are 8in, 12in and 14in diameter. Our standard square bollard sizes are 4in, 6in, 8in and 10in. We also have moveable gum drop bollards in two sizes: 1100lbs and 1400lbs.

Dawn also provides customers with steel bollards. As nearly every steel bollard request we receive is different, it is hard to establish a “standard” as we can with our concrete bollards. Because of this, options for our steel bollards are endless. If you provide us with the specifications, we can fabricate a bollard to match.

Standard concrete bollard options include:

  • Color – Natural, brown, charcoal or terra cotta
  • Finish – Natural, light sand blast, medium sandblast or heavy sandblast
  • Reveal – Standard and custom reveals available.
  • Eyebolts – Available upon request.
  • Length – Options vary depending on bollard.
  • Installation – Fixed, movable or removable

Standard steel bollard options include:

  • Color/Finish – Bare, Primed, Painted, Powder Coated, Galvanized, or Stainless
  • Eyebolts – Available upon request.
  • Wall Thickness – We offer Schedule 5 through Double Extra Heavy.
  • Diameter – Our pipe diameter ranges from 2in to 24in.
  • Length – Pipe is cut to the size requested.
  • Installation – Mounting plate, fixed or removable
  • Cap – Flat, dome or j-hook
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